To understand the importance of 24-7 prayer, we must begin with the creation mandate. Adam and Eve understood that they had been created to enjoy an uninhibited relationship with God. From the rising of the sun to the setting of the moon, they were intimately conscious of God. Adam and Eve experienced the presence of God continually. And that is the very reason for our existence to have continual communion with God our father.

The 24-7 prayer altar at E.W.C provides a place for this. A time where intercessors and warriors keep watches to ensure that prayer, intercession and prophetic praise and worship goes on 24-7, and to ensure the ministry activities and Nation matters are covered in prayer. It also helps us maintain the flame of prayer and worship drawing the presence of God upon the altar of our lives. Leviticus 6:13 “A fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out”. This is what the 24-7 prayer altar aims to achieve. We leave the prayer room encouraged and enabled to keep on praying consciously and subconsciously through the day ahead. The 24-7 prayer altar realizes continual communion with God. Watches of three hours are done every day at Exploits Worship Centre